“Time for Endurance – Secrets to a Happy Life” Church 09.25.22

We are looking at how God worked in the life of Joseph from the book of Genesis. Joseph had big dreams and high expectations that were shattered by brothers who hated him so much they almost killed him, a slave owner who punished him even though Joseph did everything right, and some guys he met in prison that forgot to work to help him. While Joseph did not lose his faith in God during these hard times, I’m sure he wondered what God’s plan was and why He was allowing Joseph to suffer as a captive. Come to Rockwell Church this Sunday to be encouraged that faithful endurance can lead to a great future and a productive life. We meet at 10:15am Sundays at 93 Midway Drive in Virginia, MN near Slumberland and the new Rock Ridge High School. No need to dress up, just show up!

Find out more about the Secrets to a Happy Life book that you can read along with during this message series at https://rockwell.church/happy-life/

Sermon Notes

Rockwell Church             Sept 25, 2022           Pastor Chris Teien
Endurance—Secrets to a Happy Life
Keep faith with God in the in-between times because, for God, time is
not a complication in the achievement of your dreams.

#1 Serve faithfully while you are waiting (Gen 40:1-4)

#2 Care about the people you are stuck with (v.5-8)

#3 Relate Truth to people’s life experience (v.9-13)

#4 Share your story and needs (v.14-15)

#5 Proclaim  God’s truth even when it hurts (v.16-19)

#6 Trust God even when your plans don’t go as you hoped (v.20-23)

QUESTIONS For Reflection and Discussion

1. How good are you at waiting? What’s the worst part of it? Have you ever lost your temper while waiting?

2. What are some big things you wish God would hurry up in your life? How would you describe your attitude toward those delays?

3. List some differences between a “grin and bear it” philosophy and biblical endurance.

4. What do you think time feels like to God?

5. How do you feel when you have to ask for help, charity, or grace? Is it demeaning to pursue grace from God? from others?

6. Read Joshua 10:13, Joel 2:25, and 2 Kings 20:6 along with the surrounding contexts. What do these passages imply about God’s power over time?

If you have the Secrets to a Happy Life book
read Chapter five: ENDURANCE

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