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The Biblical Peacemaking Toolbox” – Church 03.26.23

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Whenever people get together, there is bound to be conflict. The Bible is full of characters with relationship problems. Biblical conflict resolution tools can help us honor Christ in our lives and help restore relationships with people in our lives. Romans 12:18 says, “If it is possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone.” While some people make it impossible to reconcile, you will be blessed when you do your part to try to bring healing and forgiveness.

We will look at some of the tools available from Ken Sande and Peacemaker Ministries in print and online. They include the 4 G’s of Peacemaking, The Seven A’s of Confession, the Four Promises of Forgiveness and the PAUSE Principle of Negotiating.

Come to Rockwell Church this Sunday to be encouraged to seek to live at peace with others and help others find peace in the midst of their conflicts. A great Sunday to bring a friend or enemy!

We meet at 10:15am Sundays at 93 Midway Drive in Virginia, MN.

Arrive early for kids and adult Sunday School for all ages at 9:00am.

Notes/Resource Sheet

Rockwell Church        March 26, 2023         Pastor Chris Teien
The Biblical Peacemaking Toolbox
(Resources from Ken Sande Peacemaker Ministries)

Four G’s of Peacemaking

#1 GLORIFY God (1 Cor 10:31-11:1)

#2 GET the log out of your own eye (Matt 7.5)

#3 GENTLY Restore (Gal 6.1)

#4 GO and be reconciled (1 Tim 1:15)

Some Peacemaking Tools not on Biblical Peacemaker’s Handout

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