Thank you for supporting Rockwell Church (Emmanuel) in Virginia, MN through your prayer, attendance and financial contributions. You can give in person at church, mail in your gift, or give online. The “General Fund” supports the ministry and church operating expenses. We use ACS Realm for online giving

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When giving online, Realm gives you the choice to give an additional 1% for checking/savings account and 3% for credit cards to cover our costs if you want to. When you choose recurring giving you will immediately receive an email receipt after each gift. It is very easy to start, pause and stop your online giving and to see your giving records. ACS Realm gives you control and keeps your account secure. Our Realm giving is taken care of by Vanco Services serving over 45,000 churches and schools for more than 20 years and they have an office next to the Mall of America.

Video About Member Giving with Realm

Videos About Non-Member Giving with Realm

What the Realm Login Screen Looks Like
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