Media Choices

We communicate the latest news and share our messages (a.k.a. sermons) in many ways. Click the links at the top of the page to see our social media options.

Listen to the message audio here

Watch the next scheduled Rockwell Church service Livestream here

Watch our past church services (some with chapter markings) on YouTube here

Watch just the message (downloadable) on Vimeo here

Watch the church service on local access cable channel 12 here

See the past, current and future message descriptions and notes here

Get access to our Right Now Media video library here

Read Pastor Chris’ blog here

Read past email updates and subscribe here

See some of our past church photos here

See some of the Rockwell Church promowear you can order here

We now have a YouTube “handle” to make it easier to find us. All the services match except Twitter (because there isn’t enough characters available).

Use hashtag #rockwellchurchmn

Consistency is key to “brand identity”

Should we add any other social networks?