Happy Life Series

A great book to help you learn more during our “Happy Life Series” at Rockwell Church. You don’t need to get the book to be encouraged by our sermon series, but you might be happier if you do. Pastor Chris is a fan and friend of the author.

We currently have 47 copies at church and they are $7 each (half the retail price) or you can purchase printed or e-book from these sites:

Secrets to a Happy Life: Finding Satisfaction in Any Situation

by Bill Giovannetti

Inspiring Biblical Wisdom Helps Readers Overcome Dissatisfaction and Discontent

Deep, lasting satisfaction and contentment elude many people. In his accessible book, Giovannetti addresses this contemporary issue by guiding readers through the life of Joseph in the book of Genesis. He answers the question Is contentment possible? with a resounding yes. Biblical wisdom and practical advice will help the reader find contentment in God rather than circumstances.

The author teaches at Tozer Theological Seminary and Simpson University as well as pastoring a church of more than 2,500.

Can you really be happy in ANY situation? YES!

Contrary to popular belief, happy people aren’t born happy. And they face difficulties as we all do. But they have discovered something the rest of us can learn–how to tap into a deep happiness that flows no matter the circumstance.

Filled with practical advice and biblical wisdom, Secrets to a Happy Life shows how true satisfaction is anchored to the soul, safe from the disappointments and stresses at the surface of life. Drawing lessons from the remarkable life of Joseph, who was sold into slavery at a young age and endured much hardship, you will discover how to:

· See all the ways God is working for your joy
· Get beyond the negative emotions that hold you back
· Find rest in God’s goodness and control
· View your life from heaven’s perspective
· Create–and tap into–your own deep well of happiness

Life will always have its ups and downs, but with the life-changing secrets in this book, you can amplify and sustain the joy already inside you.

Happy Life Messages at Rockwell Church