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Rockwell.Church T-Shirts

Last Minute T-Shirt Order $15 There has been a lot of talk about getting T-shirts for the parade and for church people to wear this summer but it hasn’t been done yet and we are running out of time. Pastor Chris is going to take orders from now until Monday…

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Watch the “Eyewitness” series on RightNow Media

You might enjoy watching this series on RightNow Media where people act out the part of some character in the Easter story. The first one is the couple that owned the donkey that Jesus rode into Jerusalem on. The whole series is thought provoking.

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Evangelism and The Engel Scale

Pastor Chris often shares that successful evangelism is helping someone move a step closer to crossing the line from eternal death to eternal life when they repent of their sin and place their faith in Jesus. He also mentions that the Engel scale is a concept chart to give an…

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Watch and Share The Story (Video)

Watch “The Story” The Story presents the amazing account of God’s creation, man’s disobedience, God’s rescue plan, and ultimately the total restoration of His creation. Learn more at Watch “The StoryMaker” kids short film The Story Maker animated children’s film is a Spread Truth project aimed at helping children…

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Get Movie and Game Reviews from Christian Perspective

Get some Help with Movie & Game Reviews We live in a media saturated society and it is often hard to find a movie worth watching. Here is a resource to help you decide if you or your kids should go to that movie or get that video game. “…Fix…

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Get the New Life Bible App

When you’re READY TO CHANGE, the app will walk you through the steps you take to start a new life based on the teachings of Christ. EXPLORE FAITH LOVE GOD It’s your journey to discover, so dig in. Explore what God, faith and Christianity are all about. Read the Bible whenever you want,…

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