“Destiny and Consistency – Secrets to Happy Life” Church 09.11.22

We are looking at how God worked in the life of Joseph from the book of Genesis. As a teenager he had big dreams of a great destiny, yet everything seemed to be going in the opposite direction of that in his life. While he couldn’t control the difficult events that held him back, Joseph is a model of faithful consistency. Be encouraged to stay consistent in the hard times and reap the rewards when you experience your God-focused destiny. Find out more about the Secrets to a Happy Life book that you can read along with during this message series at

Sermon Notes

Rockwell Church             Sept 11, 2022           Pastor Chris Teien
Secrets to a Happy Life: Destiny & Consistency
Nurture your personal sense of destiny, because it toughens you against the storms of life. Be consistent with God, over time, in all the areas of life,
because your internal contradictions make you nuts.

Five Laws of Destiny (Gen 37)

#1  Neither your failures nor your family’s dysfunction disqualify you from reaching your destiny.

#2  Your sense of destiny is God’s personalized invitation to a life
better than your wildest dreams.

#3  You’ll never achieve your destiny if you wait for other people’s

#4  God never calls you to neglect today’s responsibilities to pursue tomorrow’s destiny.

#5  You will reach your destiny only in ways that highlight the grace and glory of Jesus Christ who gave you a destiny to begin with.

QUESTIONS For Reflection and Discussion

1. What does Psalm 37:4 say about the desires of your heart?

2. Do you believe God still gives dreams or callings on a person’s life? Why or why not?

3. If there were no obstacles, what dream would you pursue? Have you ever shared this with anyone? Why or why not?

4. What parts of your life seem to hold you back from pursuing your dreams?

5. How can you baby step you way into your dreams or a part of them? Is there a low cost or low impact way to do this?

6. What does Romans 8:32 tell you about God’s heart toward you?

7. Have you ever been shocked to discover that a certain person claimed to be a Christian? What inconsistencies did you notice?

8. In what ways might the story be different if Onan had fulfilled his obligation? Are there any obligations you’re reluctant to fulfill?

9. Are there any ways your choices are contradicting your prayers these days? What changes might you need to make?

10. How has the frantic search for happiness played out in your life?

11. Have you observed people who were once on fire for God but now show no discernable link with him? What can turn a person off like that?

12. What does Jesus teach about consistency in Matthew 6:24?

If you are have the Happy Life Book read
Chapter two: DESTINY & Chapter three CONSISTENCY