“More of Jesus > Less of Me in 2023” – Church 01.01.23

John the Baptist was a humble servant who said “I must decrease, and He (Jesus) must increase (John 3:30) and James reminded us that we don’t know what life will be like tomorrow (James 4:14-17) so we ought to be ready to flex and pivot to adjust to God’s plan for our lives. Come to Rockwell Church this New Years Day Sunday to be encouraged to pursue “More of Jesus and less of me in 2023” at 93 Midway Dr Virginia, MN.

Rockwell Church Jan 1, 2023 Pastor Chris Teien
“More of Jesus > Less of Me in 2023”

1 Satisfied with Jesus DIRECTING your Life (John 3:25-36)

2 Selfish DESIRES in Life (James 4:13-14a)

3 Short DURATION of Life (v.14b)

4 Submitting to Jesus DESIGN for your Life (v.15-16)

5 Serving Jesus is your faithful DUTY (v.17)

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