“Learning and Teaching is the delight of a WELL Life” Church 08.14.22

We are privileged to have God’s revealed Word readily available in print, video, audio and online. There is so much to learn, discover and share with others. “Learning” is one of the purposes of our church. Learning experts tell us that we are truly understand a subject when we can teach it to others. The Bible is living and active and we can keep learning delightful truths as we grow in faith and knowledge throughout our lives. Jesus calls us to make disciples, teaching them to obey everything He has commanded. What are you learning and who are you teaching? Watch or listen to this encouraging message from Rockwell Church to discover key areas to learn and share as a disciple ready to reproduce more disciples.

Sermon Notes (with Answers)

Pastor Chris Teien     Aug 14, 2022

Learning & Teaching is the Delight of a WELL Life

Psalm 119:1–16, Romans 12:2, Deut 6:5-7

#1 Learning Requires STUDY

    Joshua 1:8, 2 Timothy 3:16-17

#2 Keep Learning to GROW

     2 Peter 1:2–4

#3 Help OTHERS Learn about God

     Colossians 3:16, Psalm 40:8

The purpose of Rockwell Church is to Connect People of
all ages to Christ the ROCK so that together
we live W.E.L.L. lives through:
Worshipping  Encouraging  Learning  Loving  

Six Areas to Learn and Share

1. Assurance of Salvation

2. Consistent Spiritual Disciplines

3. Established in Basic Doctrine

4. Developing Christ-likeness

5. Applying God’s Word and Experiencing the Benefits

6. Reproducing these Goals in the lives of other people

Keep a balance of Encouraging,  Counseling and Teaching

Three Categories of Christian Training

1. Devotional

2. Doctrinal

3. Discipleship

Area #1 Devotional

1. Salvation & Assurance

2. Devotions

3. Prayer

4. Scripture Memory

5. Bible Study

6. Confession

7. Temptations

Area #2 Doctrine

1. Bible Doctrine

2. Systematized Bible Knowledge

3. Apologetics

4. Biblical Problem Solving

Area #3 Discipleship

1. Evangelism

2. Sharing Personal Testimony

3. Following up

4. Biblical Counseling

5. Time Management