“Christ’s Crown” Good Friday 04.15.22

Our Good Friday Service is a time to worship and reflect on Jesus suffering and being crucified. He shed His blood to make the perfect sacrifice for our sin. He was forced to wear a crown of thorns and mockingly called the King of the Jews. In the future He will return as the King of Kings and everyone will bow to Him. Come to Emmanuel at 6pm on Good Friday April 15th for an hour of inspirational music, an encouraging message and Holy Communion.  We will live stream it on YouTube if you can’t make it but we sure hope you will attend in person since it is better. Our address is 93 Midway Drive in Virginia, MN

Emmanuel Church     April 15, 2022     Pastor Chris Teien    

“Christ’s Crown” John 19:1-5

A. Jesus is the Right One to wear the Crown

1. Designed to be our King

2. Destined to save us from ourselves

3. Dooming His adversaries to destruction

B. Jesus suffered under our crown of thorns

1. Jesus took our sin

2. Jesus took our sorrow

3. Jesus took our sweat

C. Jesus graciously waits another day before revealing
     His crowned Glory

1. Graciously allowed His suffering

2. Graciously endures our foolishness for a time

3. Graciously works out His plans for His Kingdom

QUESTION:   Are you revering or rejecting Christ?