We have been part of this community for over 100 years. Rockwell Church was formerly known as Emmanuel Baptist Church and we can trace our history back to two small congregations – one in Eveleth, Minnesota organized in 1900, the other in Virginia, Minnesota organized in 1903.   The men from the Eveleth congregation were instrumental in establishing the early beginnings of the Virginia congregation.  These two congregations continued as independent churches sharing many combined meetings and, for brief periods, shared pastors. 

In 1975 the Virginia congregation initiated studies which indicated we should build at a new site because of our growth.  The Eveleth congregation faced a problem of declining membership and the ability to support a full time pastor.  Thoughts of merging the two congregations took root.  Could the Lord’s work be carried on more effectively if the two churches united?  After serious and prayerful consideration the decision was made in May of 1976 to sell each individual church property, begin joint services in the vacant Midway School, call a pastor for the united congregation and purchase land midway between the two cities. 

The merger went smoothly with members of both congregations sharing in the governance and vision for this new church.  The new church building was completed and dedicated on December 10, 1978.  Emmanuel has continued to minister to the Iron Range communities with other Range Baptist fellowships since then.  Recently God has placed a spirit of excitement and expectation in the hearts of our people, not only for the ministries of our local congregations but for mission outreach opportunities world-wide. 

After 46 years of being identified as Emmanuel Baptist Church many in the congregation thought a new name might help our church to be more effective at reaching the people around us. In April of 2022 the church voted to change the name of the church to Rockwell Church.

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