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“Live the 10 for Better Relationships” – Church 04.16.23

Just keeping the 10 Commandments isn’t enough to save you from your sins and make you right with God, only repentance and faith in Jesus can do that. But living these 10 will make you more successful in life and improve your relationships with other. Come to Rockwell Church at 10:15am this Sunday as Pastor Chris shares seven ways the Ten Commandments work for us even today. Our church service also live streams online at Arrive early at 9am for Sunday School for all ages. Part one in the “Live the 10” message series.

Rockwell Church   April 16, 2023  Pastor Chris Teien
“Live the 10 for Better Relationships”
Exodus 20:1-17

The Ten Commandments:

#1 Reveal God’s expectations for His CREATION

#2 Are for TODAY

#3 Are summed up by the GREAT  COMMANDMENTS

#4 Are a summary of 614 Old Testament Rules

#5 Will keep us right with PEOPLE

#6 Won’t make us right with GOD

#7 Were CONFIRMED in the New Testament

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