“Because He Lives” – Church 04.09.23 Easter Sunday

Watch our Easter Sunday 10:15am service as we celebrate Christ’s resurrection. Pastor Chris will shared seven wonderful things that are available to us “Because He Lives…” Rockwell is a church for all ages located on Highway 53 on the edge of Eveleth and Virginia near the new high school.

Rockwell Church April 9, 2023 Pastor Chris Teien

Notes: “Because He Lives…”

Rockwell Church        April 9, 2023         Pastor Chris Teien

Hebrews 10:16-25

#1 …we can be FORGIVEN of our sins because of Jesus sacrifice  (v.16-18)

#2 …we are INVITED to boldly come into God’s presence by the
blood of Jesus (v.19-20)

#3 …we have a personal relationship with Jesus LEADING us as
our high priest in Heaven (v.21)

#4 …we are CLEANSED from our sinful past (v.22)

#5 … we are given true HOPE to hold on to (v.23)

#6 …we are motivated to lovingly SERVE one another (v.24)

#7 …we GATHER with other Christ-followers to live WELL Lives together (v.25)