“Experience & Share God’s Gift of Hope even when you feel Unworthy” Church 11.27.22

We are starting a new message series to celebrate the Hope found through Christ and help deal with the things that may hinder people from experiencing the true meaning of Christmas. The first message from Luke chapter 1 is about sharing hope even when we feel unworthy. Elizabeth felt too old, Zachariah was left speechless after his unbelief, and Mary was troubled when the Angel showed up and said God has chosen you to do the most significant and unheard of thing in all of human history. The people in this chapter of the Bible were used by God to help bring salvation and hope into the world.

Come to Rockwell Church this Sunday to be encouraged to faithfully share the hope that is within you when you wholly believe and humbly submit to God’s plan for your life. We meet at 10:15am Sundays at 93 Midway Drive in Virginia, MN. No Kids or adult Sunday School this week.

Rockwell Church Nov. 27, 2022 Pastor Chris Teien
“Experience & Share God’s Gift of Hope even when you Feel Unworthy”
Luke 1

1 Even when you don’t feel righteous and BLAMELESS (Lk 1:6)

2 Even when you are DISAPPOINTED with your life (Lk 1:18-19)

3 Even when you have a hard time BELIEVING (Lk 1:20-22)

4 Even when you feel TROUBLED (Lk 1:29)

5 Even when you can’t COMPREHEND God’s plans (Lk 1:34)

6 Even when you need someone to ENCOURAGE you (Lk 1:39)

7 And then you realize what can happen when you HUMBLE yourself before the Lord (Lk. 1:46-48)