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Links to Past Messages 2022

January 2022

Stressbusters Series from Philippians

May 2022

HELP! Holy Effective Life-changing Prayer Series

July 2022

“Connecting WELL” Message Series

This message series will help Rockwell Church people to be more effective and gain an inner compass to helps us experience better lives.

Sept 2022

“Secrets to a Happy Life”

An inspirational message series coming in September (encouraging messages from Joseph’s life adventures in the book of Genesis). This series comes with an optional, helpful book to help you grow deeper and be equipped to help people more.

11 Secrets to a Happy Life

December 2022

Celebrate the true meaning of CHRISTmas

11/27/22  “Experience & share God’s gift of Hope even when you feel Unworthy” (Luke 1)

12/4/22  “Experience & Share God’s Gift of Peace even when your future is Unclear“ (Matt 1:18-25)

12/11/22  “Experience & Share God’s Gift of Joy even when you feel Unwelcome“ (Luke 2:8-20)

12/18/22  “When God Sends in His Angels” (Luke 2:13-15, Psalm 91)

12/24/22  Christmas Eve “Experience the Wonder of CHRISTmas” Life changing when Understood“ (Matt 2:1-12)

12/25/22  Christmas Day “Changed by His Birth“ (Luke 2:25-38)