Emmanuel Baptist is now Rockwell Church

Why we changed our name…

We have been called “Emmanuel Baptist Church of Virginia-Eveleth” since 1977. On April 10, 2022 a majority of our church congregation voted to change our name and our purpose statement to Rockwell Church. It’s not about a great artist, a quality tool brand, a style of music or a band. The purpose of Rockwell Church is to Connect People of all ages to Christ the ROCK so that together we live W.E.L.L. lives through Worshiping, Encouraging, Learning, Loving. A few reasons we wanted to move away from the Emmanuel name is that it seems to be too common, is hard to spell, does not reflect the geography of our area, is harder to promote/market, all the good website domain extensions were taken, it is hard for people to spell, we really wanted a fresh start and we everyone in our church can easily tell you what our church is about when they share Christ the Rock and living a WELL Life.

Our denomination used to be called the “Baptist General Conference” until they adopted the new movement name of “Converge Worldwide” in 2008, and was renamed to “Converge” in 2015. We are still part of the 200+ Converge North Central churches across Minnesota and Iowa.

Again, Emmanuel Baptist Church has changed our name to
Rockwell Church and our website domain name is https://rockwellchurchmn.wordpress.com
We are still at 93 Midway Dr. Virginia, MN 55792 and we meet 10:15 am Sundays 
Our phone number is still 218-741-4446
Our email is now office@rockwell.church and Joyce is our office contact
Our pastor is Chris Teien pastorchris@rockwell.church

Our church logo is our website/name in lower case letters “rockwell.church” using the Oswald Semi Bold font and often placing “VIRGINIA MN” in all caps 30% smaller than our church name using Oswald light font. Our preferred color is blue.

Click here to download Oswald Semi bold and Light (don’t use the variable font because it won’t show the same consistent image) https://fonts.google.com/specimen/Oswald

Emmanuel Baptist changed our name and domain to Rockwell.Church