“Jesus Light of the World” Christmas Eve 12.24.21

Emmanuel Church    December 24, 2021    Pastor Chris Teien Jesus the Light of the World John 1:1–12 #1 A Light String to be Connect to (John 5:24) #2 A Traffic Control Light #3 A Warning Light #4 The Light that Reveals and Rebuilds (1 John 1:5–7)  #5 The Light to Follow (John 8:12) #6 A Spotlight  Continue reading ““Jesus Light of the World” Christmas Eve 12.24.21″

“Mary’s Awesome Faith” Church 12.05.21

Dictionary.com defines “awesome” as an adjective. causing or inducing awe; inspiring an overwhelming feeling of reverence, admiration, or fear: an awesome sight. exhibiting or marked by awe. Mary in the Christmas story had awesome faith and was chosen to be Jesus mother. She was willing to play a lead role in God’s plan even though sheContinue reading ““Mary’s Awesome Faith” Church 12.05.21″

“A Time for Thanks” Church 11.21.21

It’s been a hard year and you might not be that excited about Thanksgiving. When we take our eyes off ourselves and focus on the Lord are hearts are encouraged and we are inspired to feel and act thankful as part of our daily walk with God. Come to Emmanuel this Sunday to be encouragedContinue reading ““A Time for Thanks” Church 11.21.21″

“God’s Rewards for You” Church 11.14.21

It’s absolutely amazing that the God who created us and can save us from sin also offers us rewards in this life and the life to come. Come to Emmanuel Baptist Church this Sunday to be encouraged by God’s Rewards for You “And it is impossible to please God without faith. Anyone who wants toContinue reading ““God’s Rewards for You” Church 11.14.21″

“Too Little? Too Much? I Need Enough Rest!” Church 11.14.21

This Sunday our topic is about sleep, rest and recreation. This is the weekend we adjust our clocks “Fall Back” and can actually get an extra hour of sleep. God who created us knows that we need to recharge by resting and enjoying life with a little recreation. Did you know that rest and sleepContinue reading ““Too Little? Too Much? I Need Enough Rest!” Church 11.14.21″

“Overcoming the Power of Fear” Church 10.31.21

This weekend many people in our culture pursue glorifying evil and fearful experiences like haunted houses and scary movies. Others just want to enjoy dressing up in costumes and collecting candy. Fear is real and can keep us from fulfilling God’s purpose in our life. Faith can give us courage to face fear with confidence.Continue reading ““Overcoming the Power of Fear” Church 10.31.21″