“Imperfect Family Life” – Church 01.29.23

Recently we’ve been hearing about Prince Harry’s controversial book “Spare” where he published how he feels about his imperfect royal family. Adam, Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, David are a few Bible characters that had dysfunctional families. It’s interesting to think that Jesus grew up in a family with younger brothers and sisters in an unusualContinue reading ““Imperfect Family Life” – Church 01.29.23”

“Sanctity of Life – Fearfully and Wonderfully Made” – Church 01.22.23

God is the creator of life and also the one who decides when it ends. While abortion may seem like a convenient way to take care of an unplanned pregnancy it can have terrible, life long side effects and it ends the life of an innocent pre-born human being. On this Sanctity of Human LifeContinue reading ““Sanctity of Life – Fearfully and Wonderfully Made” – Church 01.22.23”

“Planting for a Life of Significance” – Church 01.08.23

Many gardeners like to look at seed catalogs in January to see what they can plant in the spring, enjoy during the summer and harvest in the fall. God designed our world with seasons, seedtime, harvest and getting more seeds for future planting. If we reap what we sow, what do we want to seeContinue reading ““Planting for a Life of Significance” – Church 01.08.23”

Watch “Experience the Wonder” Christmas Eve – Church 12.24.22

You are invited to our 4:30pm Christmas Eve service for music, story-telling media and a short encouraging message: “Experience the Wonder of Christmas” from the Magi’s (Wisemen) perspective written about in Matthew chapter 2. We expect this to be a 45 minute service. Rockwell Church is located at 93 Midway Dr. Virginia, MN. If youContinue reading “Watch “Experience the Wonder” Christmas Eve – Church 12.24.22″

“When God Sends in His Angels” – Church 12.18.22

This Sunday the first part of our service is the Kids Christmas Program. The remaining time we share an encouraging message: “When God Sends in His Angels” from Luke 2:13-15 and Psalm 91. The Bible reveals some interesting things about these messengers from the Heavenly realm that are God’s agents to help us and accomplishContinue reading ““When God Sends in His Angels” – Church 12.18.22”

“Experience & Share God’s Gift of Joy even when you feel Unwelcome” Church 12.11.22

One of our favorite parts of the Christmas story is when Angels appear to the social- outcast shepherds and invite them to go see the newborn Savior of the world. What they heard and what they experienced gave them confidence to find the baby and share all they saw and heard. In Luke 2:20 weContinue reading ““Experience & Share God’s Gift of Joy even when you feel Unwelcome” Church 12.11.22″

“Experience and Share God’s Gift of Peace even when your Future is Unclear” Church 12.04.22

Jesus stepfather Joseph was given the great opportunity and the sometimes worrisome task of protecting and providing for Jesus and his mother Mary. Repeatedly an Angel would show up in Joseph’s dreams and tell him to move in a different direction to keep Jesus safe and to place Him right where God wanted Him toContinue reading ““Experience and Share God’s Gift of Peace even when your Future is Unclear” Church 12.04.22″