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Youth Group Sunday School

March 2023: Rockwell Church gives students a biblical world view.

Sunday mornings from 9am-10am Jr and Sr High students is studying Science and The Bible — how they fit together. Using videos like “Paradise Lost”, from the Creation Museum; and “Is Genesis History?” by Del Tackett and The Truth Project; and other materials from various sources; we will show how the Biblical account in Genesis and other passages are supported by honest Science. The aim is to equip our students to have a solid foundation and be confident in their Biblical faith against the world’s challenges and anti-God claims. It is not necessary to dismiss the accuracy of the Biblical historical account to see how science can explore the wonders of creation. Led by Teachers are Jo-Anne R and Gerry T.

The Rockwell Church Fusion youth group (7-12th grade) meets Wednesday nights (same time as kids Awana) from 6-7:30pm and is learning practical wisdom from the book of James led by Pastor Chris, Tim M, Hanna H and Eric H.

Bring/send your Jr and Sr High students to Rockwell Church 93 Midway Dr Virginia MN 55792 Our group is a mix of public school and home-schooled students.