Watch “Changed by His Birth” – Church 12.25.22

This Christmas Sunday we share a message from Simeon’s perspective found at the end of Luke chapter 2. We will look into what Simeon saw and what he shared with Mary and Joseph about Jesus life and future. We will be encouraged as we remember all the things that changed because Jesus arrived way back then and is still present in our lives today. Rockwell Church meets at 10:15am Sundays at 93 Midway Drive in Virginia, MN.


Rockwell Church   Dec 25, 2022  Pastor Chris Teien
“Changed by His Birth”
Luke 2:25-38

#1 Simeon walked close to God and desired to see change

#2 Simeon was led by the Holy Spirit to see the change

#3 Simeon’s life desire was to see God fulfill His promises

#4 Simeon saw Jesus would cause division between those that would love him or hate him

#5 Simeon saw that hearts would be exposed and Mary’s would be broken

#6 We would miss out on so many important things without Christmas