“The Best News Ever!” Church 04.17.22

This Resurrection Sunday (Easter) is the day we celebrate the best news ever. Pastor Chris will share a top ten countdown of what this great news is all about. Obviously it’s all about Jesus and what He’s done for you and me. How we respond to this great news makes all the difference in the world. This is one of the best Sunday’s of the year to bring friends!

Come to church this Sunday to be encouraged let this great news change your life. We meet at 10:15am Sundays at 93 Midway Drive in Virginia, MN. We live-stream the worship hour but in-person is always better than video.

Emmanuel Church     April 17, 2022     Pastor Chris Teien    

“The Best News Ever!” Notes

#10 God has REVEALED his plan to us

#9 We can receive COURAGE in Jesus and not be afraid

#8 The empty tomb give us a POWERFUL Gospel to proclaim

#7 Jesus proved God’s Word is TRUTH

#6 Jesus proved He has AUTHORITY over death

#5 God has told us what we must BELIEVE to be saved

#4 Jesus offers living HOPE even when His people die

#3 Jesus is the PERFECT priest to keep us right with God

#2 Jesus offers NEW LIFE and purpose

#1  It is not too late to be SAVED and follow Jesus

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