“Gods Guide to a Life Well Lived” Church 04.03.22

It’s Communion Sunday at Emmanuel and a perfect time to reflect on how you have been spending your life and choose to recommit to pursuing the Lord’s plans for us. When you were in school did you ever listen closely to your teacher or professor to find out what was on the test or how to get a good grade? In Mark 12:28-34 Jesus told us clearly that if we do two things we will be on the way to a life well lived. As you know, they are to love God and love your neighbor – pretty simple right? But what does that really mean and what are some ways we can put that into practice? Come to Emmanuel Church this Sunday to be encouraged to live out the Great Commandment and spend the rest of your days pursuing a life well lived.

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Sermon Outline

Emmanuel Church     April 3, 2022      Pastor Chris Teien    

God’s Guide to a Life Well Lived

Mark 12:28-34

#1 Religion vs. Relationship

  1. Christ is our Rock
  2. Love is a Verb
  3. Investing Time is Love

#2 Vertical Relationship “Love God”

  1. God Seeks True Worshipers
  2.  Love makes us want to Learn all we can

#3 Horizontal Relationships “Love Others”

  1. Teaching and being an Example is Love
  2. Sharing our Faith is Love
  3. Encouraging One Another is Love