“Starting Over – God’s Wisdom for 2022” Church 12.26.21

Many people turn to consultants and coaches to get expert advice to help them achieve their goals and become more successful. Wouldn’t it be great to get some godly advice before you start filling up your new 2022 calendar as we all are about to take another lap around the sun? In Psalm 19 God gives us nine areas to consider for more effective living. This Sunday be encouraged to consider what you could change to wisely navigate the challenges of a new year. We meet 10am Sundays at 93 Midway Dr. in Virginia, MN

Emmanuel Church    December 26, 2021    Pastor Chris Teien

Starting Over: God’s Wisdom for 2022
Psalm 19

Before my next lap around the sun, I will consider my…

1. Plans

2. Motives

3. Actions

4. Purpose

5. Humility

6. Love

7. Piety

8. Contentment

9. Steps