“Let the Struggle Make you Stronger” Church 09.19.21

Candidate Sunday 9-19-21
Meet Pastor Chris Teien

Our Pastor Candidate Chris Teien is sharing a message God has put on His heart using Psalm 71 to inspire you amid all hardships and uncertainties we all face. Chris will be sharing Bible based action steps and how God has worked in his life. You are also invited to Sunday school at 9am in the main worship center to hear about Pastor Chris’ walk with Christ and how God has prepared and used him over the last 25 years in ministry.

Emmanuel Baptist Church     Sept 19, 2021   Pastor Chris Teien
 Let the Struggle Make you Stronger
Psalm 71

#1 Go to your Rock of REFUGE  (71:1-4)

#2 Be CONFIDENT in the Lord – Even if people think you are strange (71:5-9)

#3 Hold on to HOPE even when everything seems to be against you (71:10-14)

#4 Prioritize your life MISSION (71:15-18)

#5 Expect God will RESTORE you (71:19-21)

#6 Keep Sharing your FAITH STORY (71:22-24)

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